Hi! I’m Emily Anne Epstein. Call me Em.

I’ve consistently broken new ground and redefined the digital media landscape for industry leaders such as Sigma Computing, Asana, Narcity Media, Bustle, and The Atlantic. My penchant lies in crafting authentic narratives, innovating content platforms, and accelerating brand prominence through impactful digital engagement.

I’m an award-winning editor, team builder, and strategist with a passion for mission-driven companies. I’ve managed websites, built programs from the ground up, created critically acclaimed podcasts, and developed innovative projects for your morning paper, your smart devices, and your Instagram feed.

I’ve also been a photojournalist, a reporter, the Executive News Editor of Bustle, the Managing Editor of The New York Observer, the Visual Editor of The Atlantic, the Editor in Chief at Narcity Media Group, and the Head of Editorial at Asana. I’ve spoken on panels for SXSW, VoteRunLead, and the Chute Visual Revolution Summit. I’ve appeared on BoldTV and Cheddar. And I’ve lectured at Columbia University and The Hackley School too.

My previous roles showcased my ability to craft avant-garde media tactics, introduce fresh content directions, and cultivate dynamic teams that elevated brands to unparalleled industry prominence.

For conversations and coffee, please get in touch.

My complete resume is available as well.

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