I’m Emily Anne Epstein. I’m an award-winning editor, team-builder, and content strategist with a decade of experience at millennial-focused brands.

I’ve managed websites, built newsrooms from the ground up, created critically-acclaimed podcasts, and developed ambitious projects for your morning paper, your phone, and your Instagram feed.

All of that has been possible because of my experience across the newsroom; I’ve worked as a photojournalist, a reporter, the Executive News Editor of Bustle, the managing editor of The New York Observer, and the visual editor of The Atlantic.

Outside of the office, I love a good public speaking gig and have moderated panels for SXSW, VoteRunLead, the Chute Visual Revolution Summit, and more. I’ve also curated photography shows across the city, raising thousands of dollars for causes I believe in. I’m the Creative Director of the Newswomen’s Club of New York and my work has been recognized by the NPPA, the Newseum, and Digiday.

For conversations and coffee, please get in touch!

My complete resume is available as well.

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