Emily is a smart, hard-working and talented photographer and writer with a sweet personality to boot. She was a wonderful asset at our newspaper and surely will be to any other company that hires her.

Reena Rose Sibayan, Chief Photographer, The Jersey Journal

Emily Anne Epstein worked for us at Time Out Buenos Aires magazine throughout 2008 and most of 2009. She was our main photographer during that period, and we quickly came to rely on her absolute professionalism and enthusiasm, and most of all on her brilliant work and beautiful photographs. Emily’s style of working is a delight – she is fast, keen and efficient, and exceptionally quick to understand what is required and to act on it. She has on many occasions helped us out with very sudden photo commissions, producing some of the best images we’ve had in the magazine at absurdly short notice.

For the most recent issue of the magazine, she suggested, planned and produced a one-off fashion spread for the tango section, for which she researched and wrote the text, styled and produced the shoot, resulting in an excellent set of photos, and also worked on the page layout

She has a friendly, approachable manner that I think must aid her considerably in her work – we sent her on complicated sets of photo assignments more than once for which access to the right person at the right time, on site, was a challenge to say the least, and she always returned on time and with the shots. She accepts feedback very well and she has been a pleasure to have around in general, as well as a constant source of good ideas, including on subjects well beyond her remit.

I’d be happy to recommend Emily for whatever work she chooses to turn her hand to, since having had the good fortune to have worked alongside her, I know her to be not only an asset to any organisation as a colleague or contributor, but also capable of truly outstanding work, whether as a writer or as a photographer.

Claire Rigby, Editor, Time Out Buenos Aires

Emily has been an invaluable part of the Argentina’s Travel Guide team for the past 9 months. In that time, she has gone from working in the capacity of a writer-contributor to being in charge of coordinating and managing the daily content requirements of our online guide.   As a contributor, she is a great writer and photographer. And as a coordinator, she effectively created, posted, and edited hundreds of articles and their corresponding imagery.

Emily is a self-motivated, diligent worker who has enthusiastically taken on the responsibility for ATG with relatively little guidance from my cofounder or myself. This had freed us to focus on the larger tasks at hand, knowing that the day-to-day operations are taken care of.

Emily is open and receptive of feedback, and good at adjusting her work accordingly. This made working with her a pleasure because communication was easy, and I could relax knowing I didn’t need to keep repeating myself.

Cesar Gonzalez, Founder, Argentina’s Travel Guide

Emily started out as an intern at VII, but I realized quickly that her passions would take her further. In a short period of time, she developed an impressive career as a photojournalist.

Her work is inspirational and her zest for life refreshing! She is not afraid to take risks. Emily is bright, talented and energized – in speaking with her, you can easily hear that she loves what she does. I highly recommend Emily for all that she pursues and know that she will flourish in all she sets out to accomplish.

Aleksandra Flora, Photographers Agent, VII

Emily possesses one of the most vital qualities needed by any freelancer: she has no qualms about working under a minimal level of supervision. Despite being new to the city, Emily needed nothing more than a camera and a list of addresses in order to go out and start taking photos. She is a pleasure to work with; uncomplaining, creative and positive in the face of adversity.

She is also a fast-learner. After receiving a short brief  she quickly grasped the technical principles of our house style and was able to put this theory into practice with minimum fuss.

Many of the photographs Emily took for us were of the highest professional quality. With her natural determination and zeal for her craft, I have no doubt that Emily has the potential to go on to great things and as a result, I have no problem in recommending her to whoever is considering taking her on.

Mark Rebindaine, Managing Director, Time Out Buenos Aires

Emily always came back with sparkling photos that not only told a story but showed a depth of observation. She’s wise beyond her years, as well as being a joy to be around. One of the top three or four photojournalists to work at The Jersey Journal in the past five or six years.

John Crittenden, Copy Editor, The Jersey Journal

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